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Welcome to Trin's suggestions page.

Below you will find 25 random items you can suggest prices for. If you know the current trading price for an item, please enter the value (without the "gc") into the box. When you have entered prices for all the items you know about, please press submit and the results will be stored pending review by the update team.

Book of Rose Quartz Mining (unknown)
Book of Isle of The Forgotten Ring Building (unknown)
Book of Metallurgy (unknown)
Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract (unknown)
Book of Bronze Cuisses Construction (unknown)
Book of Bear Stone Construction (unknown)
Polar Bear Fur 5-10 gc
Book of Bronze Greaves Construction (unknown)
Book of Bows and Crossbows Building 0 gc
Book of Baggy Pants Making (unknown)
Book of Iron Broad Sword Construction (unknown)
Silver Crown (unknown)
Book of Thermal Sword Construction (unknown)
Book of Fire Sword Construction (unknown)
Book of Polar Bear Summoning (unknown)
Ring Mold 150 gc
Book of Titanium Helmet Construction (unknown)
Book of Snakes Summoning (unknown)
Ring of Mana Destruction 275-400 gc
Scythe (unknown)
Titanium Shield 34-38k gc
Daffodils 1.5 gc
Vitality Removal Stone 16-23k gc
Book of Shields Construction (unknown)
Book of Wolframite Mining (unknown)


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