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Welcome to Trin's suggestions page.

Below you will find 25 random items you can suggest prices for. If you know the current trading price for an item, please enter the value (without the "gc") into the box. When you have entered prices for all the items you know about, please press submit and the results will be stored pending review by the update team.

Phoenix Feather (unknown)
Big Book of Potions (unknown)
Potion of Defence 15 gc
Book of Titanium Long Sword Construction 300-500 gc
Book of Steel Plate Mail Construction 6k gc
Book of Red Dye Making (unknown)
Book of Naralik Ring Building 300-500 gc
Spear ~22k gc
Accuracy Predictor (unknown)
Degraded Red Dragon Plate (unknown)
Book of Yellow Dye Making (unknown)
Gray Fabric (unknown)
Will Removal Stone 40-50k gc
Joules Day Stone (unknown)
Book of Enhanced Armor Construction (unknown)
Book of Medallion of Life Building (unknown)
Ethereal Ranger Removal Stone (unknown)
Red Robe 4-10k gc
Steel Plate Mail 75-80k gc
Silver Bar 36-40 gc
Yellow Robe 4-10k gc
Book of Crystal Embedding (unknown)
Wolframite 600-800 gc
Book of Mage Robes Construction (unknown)
Rapier of Death 200-500k gc


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