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Welcome to Trin's suggestions page.

Below you will find 25 random items you can suggest prices for. If you know the current trading price for an item, please enter the value (without the "gc") into the box. When you have entered prices for all the items you know about, please press submit and the results will be stored pending review by the update team.

High Explosive Mine (unknown)
Dvarium Ore (unknown)
Book of Accuracy/Magic Indicator Building (unknown)
Potion of Coordination 15 gc
Book of Wolf Summoning (unknown)
Book of Silver Medallions Building (unknown)
Potion of Speed Hax (unknown)
Failure Predictor (unknown)
Book of Falcon Summoning (unknown)
Black Panther Fur 32-40 gc
Potion of True Sight 60-70 gc
Book of Ring of Massive Mana Destruction Building (unknown)
Ale 2 gc
Ring of Massive Mana Destruction 1900-2500 gc
Pickaxe 15-40 gc
Book of Tiger Stone Construction (unknown)
Book of Botanics (unknown)
Wood Branches free gc
Beaver Fur 7-12 gc
Book of Seridium Molding (unknown)
Brown Rabbit Fur 5 gc
Antisocial Removal Stone (unknown)
Silver Ring 70-80 gc
Cape of Passive Camouflage 20-25k gc
Branch of Destruction 230k gc


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