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Welcome to Trin's suggestions page.

Below you will find 25 random items you can suggest prices for. If you know the current trading price for an item, please enter the value (without the "gc") into the box. When you have entered prices for all the items you know about, please press submit and the results will be stored pending review by the update team.

Book of Emerald Processing (unknown)
Book of Steel Smelting (unknown)
Cheap Cutlass (unknown)
Crown of Life 85-90K gc
Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract ~190 gc
Modable Iron Sword (unknown)
Book of Steel Axe Construction 3k gc
Vial Mold 7-8k gc
Fur Torso 100-125 gc
Yeti Summoning Stone (unknown)
Iron Sword of Fire 10-25k gc
Book of Life Essence (unknown)
Book of Potion of Coordination Mixing (unknown)
Book of Dvarium Mining (unknown)
Green Adventurer's Cap (unknown)
Iron Helm 170-260 gc
Brown Snake Skin 25-33 gc
Book of Arctic Chimeran Summoning (unknown)
Book of Scythe Construction (unknown)
Falcon Feather 16-20 gc
Armed Orc Summoning Stone (unknown)
Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic Construction (unknown)
Harvest/Degrade Indicator Stone (unknown)
Titanium Steel Alloy Short Sword of Fire (unknown)
Matter Essence 7-10 gc


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