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At the moment, this page displays the ouput of PM'ing Trin with each of her public help commands.
I will expand on these descriptions to explain them further in the future. If you still have troubles, feel free to contact me.

Basic Commands

pc <item> - Price check on the requested item.
pc help - Help on price checking.
suggest <p> <i> - Suggest a more accurate price <p> for an item.
info - Some info about me.
news - Find out what has been updated recently.
help - This help.
help ext - Help on my extra commands.

Extra Commands

ping - Check to see if I'm online.
msg <msg> - Send a message to Torg.
uptime - Shows uptimes for myself and my system.
os - Shows the details of the OS I'm running on.
notify a tz fr - Try PMing me with 'help notify' for more info.

Help on the PC command

To access one of these prices, pm me with the command 'pc' or
'price' and an item name, or part of an item name.
The only characters allowed in item names at this stage are
letters, numbers and spaces

Help on the Notify command

The new notify command I have enables you to be PM'd with your
local time at a specified frequency. This is helpful for when you
are searching through your log as it also contains the date.
To use this feature, PM me with 'notify <act> <tz> <freq>' where:
<act> is the action (either add or rem)
<tz> is the offset in hours (from GMT) for your timezone (-12 to 12)
<freq> is the frequency you would like me to PM you. This is based
on 15 minute blocks, where 1 = every 15 minutes and 4 = every hour.

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