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How she works

(** This will explain how Trin searches for items in her database **)


Trinity started as a method for learning about the EL client, its protocol and seemed a relatively safe and interesting way, to learn the C programming language.

Some of her early features included simple interaction functions, and quickly expanded with some guild functions. I wasn't content with that being her sole purpose and so looked for some relatively important function she could perform. (This was also probably to help justify the large amounts of time I had spent coding her.)
During this time, there was talk of web-based market resources and people wanting centralised bot information accessable in-game. I was involved in the EL market and often asking for prices for items on the market channel. This could sometimes be frustrating as there are a lot less people online when the US and Europe are sleeping. I could therefore understand the benefits of these price lists.
Through discussing things with my guild-mates, we came up with the idea of an in-game accessable market price database. I thought this was a perfect role for Trin to fulfil and her primary purpose was born.

Trinity has had several revisions of her code. After approximately 3 months a versioning system was introduced to her code. Her current version can be found by PMing her with "ver".

The first major revision was the introduction of database functions for the item list, and multiple language support. Multiple language support has not been completely developed as little interest/need has been shown, but the item database has been very well used.
Her second major revision included support for more guild functions based around her database, and some major tweaks to her item search functionality. It also saw the removal of her fortune lookup system.
She had many revisions following that time, with many small features added, such as a message system to leave messages for me. There was also an info section regarding her latest updates included.
In addition to all this, there have been several copies of her code redeveloped for other bots. The most prominent one, although non-existant now, was LawAndOrder, the guild management bot for L&O. He was developed directly as a copy of Trinity's code with functionality removed and other functionality added. This also saw the introduction of a web interface to one of my bots databases. From that time on, there has been a "base" bot kept up-to-date with both Trin and "Lando's" development which is free to anyone who wishes to ask.

Her 2.0.x revision was a major overhaul of her item search functionality. This was both to expand her item database (again), but more importantly to provide more accurate results when searching for items. One of the issues that has become apparent is that many items in EL have similar names and often she would get confused by this. There has been much though put into developing her searching algorthm, and the development hasn't finished yet.

Her most recent revision (3.0.x) is again a major overhaul of her code, this time regarding internal storage of item and alias information, as well as the main command structure. Her item and alias lists where made completely dynamic in a linked list, rather than being stored in static arrays as was previously the way. This allows the size of her items list in the database to grow without the need to recompile her code to adjust the size of the array. In addition to this, her commands and some static array's of information were moved to the database, again allowing easier updating of her "news" and other information.
There is much more planned for Trinity, including the expansion of this website and her code with many features yet to come. If you have any comments or ideas, please let me know, I'll be happy to read them and try to respond when I get the time.


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