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This is the web front-end for Trinity(bot), a bot for the MMORPG Eternal Lands. Her main function is to answer "pc" (price check) requests for the general populace.

This website currently provides information about her, and includes an interface to check prices with Trinity just as you can in-game. You can also suggest more accurate prices for items for her Update Team to check.

She is currently: Trinity's online status
If she is not in EL, or you think there is a problem, please contact Torg (or guild LNX).

Search /Suggest

To search for or suggest a better price here on the website, click here

To suggest prices for a random 25 items, click here


To check a price with Trinity in EL, PM her with "pc" and the name (or part of the name) of your item. Common aliases for items can also be used. Eg:

/trinitybot pc fire essence
/trinitybot pc fire ess
/trinitybot pc fe

All three options should return a message from her with the price, if she has one listed in her database. Be careful with your spelling, and if unsure of the spelling it may be better to enter less of the name for more matches.

When Trin is searching for an item. If she finds more than one match, she returns the first 5 names of those matches. If she finds only item match, or one match better than the others, she will return the price for that item. Here on her webpage, she will return up to 10 items, and the prices for all of those items.

Click here for more information about Trin's functions.


If you would like to support her development and hosting, please donate here.


To find out more about her history and how she works, click here.


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